Warriors for Autism

This is a day camp program and we are open for children on the spectrum and their siblings for the convenience of the parents and the comfort of the child. All of our programs are inclusive as we think it is very important to that children not be separated but integrated in society. However, due to the nature and structure of the camp, it is required that the children are all age 6 and up, potty trained and ambulatory so that they are able to attend and participate in all of the activities with us. Each session runs one week at a time and parents can book multiple sessions or just one, however they choose.

The camp likes to focus on being kind to the earth and others and being able to reap the benefit of that kindness. The children are responsible for feeding and caring for the animals each day, as they do, they learn about the parts of the world the animals come from, what they eat and why etc. They will learn all about the horses they will be riding and how to care for them as well. The farm features many everyday farm animals as well as several species of exotic animals the children will be learning about including a sensory friendly petting zoo area the children will enjoy. It is very important to us that the children get as much education thru play as possible and so many of the activities are designed to spark an interest in the children that we hope will tap their natural talents that can be harnessed into an employable skill in the future. With our organic garden, animal husbandry and martial arts activities we hope to broaden some ideas for them that may lead to future opportunities.

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