Petting Farm

Petting Farm LlamaGeneral Admission to our farm is $10 per person (children and adults), except on special events/fundraisers.  Children 12 months & under are free. We ask you ALWAYS supervise your children.

During weekdays if your group is larger than 5 people, please contact our Field Trip Coordinator at (727) 742-7736.  We want to be sure your group receives the attention it deserves!

Pony rides are $3

Horse Power for Kids offers an ideal country setting for people of all ages to experience life on a farm.

Our volunteers  will answer your questions about farm animals and horses as you enjoy petting, feeding, and grooming our variety animals. PLEASE DO NOT FEED ANIMALS OUTSIDE FOOD

We take pride in the care of our unique animals and offer interactive hands-on opportunities that will build memories to last a lifetime. As you tour our farm, you’ll encounter many of our ponies and other farm animals, including miniature horses. Come see it for yourself!

Some Petting Area Photos

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