Animal Sanctuaries Make Great Fields Trips for Kids of all Ages!

Posted by on November 2, 2017

Animal sanctuaries field tripThere has been a rise recently in negative news segments about zoos and their horrific treatment of animals. This, understandably, has made many parents, schools, and other organizations that are environmentally aware be wary about booking field trips to zoos. But what’s a parent or school to do when it wants to expose the budding minds of your children to the wonderful world of animals? Animal sanctuaries, such as Horse Power for Kids, present a unique opportunity to only experience animals but experience them in an animal friendly environment.

This isn’t to say that zoos are inherently inhumane, many zoos take excellent care of their animals. But there is a big difference between animal sanctuaries and zoos. Animal sanctuaries take their name literally. They are a sanctuary for the injured, the discarded, and the abused animals that otherwise wouldn’t have a home to call their own.

Sanctuaries usually operate on a non-profit basis and most often rely on donations and educational programs to fulfill their funding needs. The overarching goal of an animal sanctuary is to exist for the purpose of those animals.

One of the educational programs Horse Power for Kids expounds is the promotion of school field trips or other groups to visit the many animals that call Horse Power for Kids their home. Field trips include other fun activities such as a hands-on educational tour through the animal exhibits, a hand-lead pony ride, and a train ride.

This is a unique field trip that kids of all ages, including the fun animal loving chaperones, will never forget! There are no better guides or teachers than the workers at Horse Power for Kids who put in their sweat and tears to ensure these animals are well cared for. This passion extends to teaching others about the wonderful world of animals that they interact with on a regular basis.

School field trips prices start out at a low $9 per child/student/chaperones/counselors/teacher assistants. Of course as a thank you to our teachers their entry is free!

Call us at (813) 855-8992 or send us a quick email for more information on an unforgettable animal field trip!

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