5 Reasons to Volunteer at Horse Power for Kids Today

Posted by on July 28, 2017
volunteer at Horse Power for KidsWhy should you volunteer at Horse Power for Kids? The reasons are far too many to count! But we’ll give it a shot with the top 5 reasons why you should volunteer at Horse Power for Kids!
  1. We are a not-for profit organization – This means that all of the work we do, we do for the community and the animals’ sake. We are committed to only providing the highest quality care for all of our animal friends from the smallest to the biggest! But how can our many legged friends be happy without THEIR favorite pets – humans. So part of our animal care taking includes bringing our community together to celebrate the lives that make ours that much richer.
  2. It’s a blast! – Check out some of the past volunteer photos to see that we mean business when we say you’ll have the funnest time of your life all the while helping critters in need.
  3. You’ll learn so much – What’s a little fun without learning something? By helping us take care of our animal friends you’ll learn all kinds of interesting facts and tidbits about their lives. You might even leave with a new favorite animal after experiencing first hand what truly makes them unique and valuable alongside our very own human lives.
  4. It’s easy to sign up – We make the volunteering process as easy as possible. We do have to have you submit an application in order to begin but we made it as easy as possible for you to begin your volunteering adventure. Check out the volunteer application here!
  5. We love our volunteers – Part of being a non-profit with a community focus we understand and depend on our community to operate! This puts us in the unique position of ensuring that our volunteers enjoy their Horse Power for Kids volunteering experience.
What are you waiting for? Call us at (813) 855-8992 or send us an email to find out how you TOO can join the exclusive Horse Power for Kids volunteer team.

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